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Food and Agriculture in Mauritius Essay

Traditional Foods Are: Foods in their original form, as they were Created– not modernized, not processed or not packaged. They may be Foods that have a long history of supporting to good health, whole and nutrient-dense. Foods that are simple and basic: meat and poultry, eggs, whole grains, fish, beans and legumes, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, dairy, fats. The cuisine of Mauritius is a blend of Creole, Chinese, European and Indian influences. It is common for a combination of cuisines to form part of the same meal. Mauritius has had strong ties with French culture throughout its history and was left with a very French â€Å"savoir vivre†. Even today, the popularity of French dishes like the bouillon, tuna salad,daube, show the prevalence of French culture in Mauritius. As years passed by, some have been adapted to the more exotic ingredients of the island to confer some unique flavor. During the 19th century, after the abolition of slavery, Indian workers who migrated to Mauritius brought their cuisine with them. Those indentured labourers came with their own culinary tradition, depending on the region. Traces of both Northern and Southern Indian cuisine can be found in Mauritius. Some common preparations are curry, chutney, rougaille(tomato paste that is very popular with fish) and pickles, most of which use local ingredients. The Mauritian versions of those dishes have a local flavour and differ, at times considerably, from the original Indian recipes. The end of the 19th century saw the arrival of Chinese migrants, who came mostly from the south-eastern part of China. They are largely credited with making rice, the staple diet of the island, and making noodles, both steamed and fried, popular. Chinese appetizers such as hakien (local version of the spring roll with a flour batter replacing the traditional rolled wrapping), crispy chicken and crispy squid have become part of the Mauritian folklore. Furthermore, Chinese and other Asian restaurants are present all around the island, and offer a variety of chicken, squid, beef, mutton andfish dishes, most typically prepared in black bean sauce or oyster sauce. Mauritian families often consider a dinner at an Asian restaurant as a treat. Along the years, each of the country’s communities have adapted and mixed each other’s cuisine to their liking. Mauritian ‘street food’: For most Mauritians, daily practice is to eat during the daytime on the street sides, street stalls or in small local restaurants. This is a recommended way for the tourist to discover the local traditional food, enjoying the tastes of Mauritius and do so at cheap prices. Very popular common â€Å"street food† is the Indian specialties of â€Å"dholl puries† or â€Å"rotis†. In the big cities you will also find many stalls offering Chinese noodles. You will also find the gato piment, samousas, kebabs, bryanis. There’s also the fruit saladwhich which consists of cucumber, pineapple, apple, tamarind and chilli sauce. And also coconut water that tourists like drinking. These usuallyfound on the beaches. But The hygiene in many of the stalls may be below average and may cause problems to those with a sensitive stomach, so when choosing the street stalls be sure that the place is hygiene and the food is fresh and not exposed to the sun. Fast foods in mauritius: Another alternative is to go to one of the many fast food joints which can be found in every town and in the main villages. The number of the fast food joints has increased drastically in the last few years, and today it is possible to find many international fast food chains such as: McDonalds, KFC, Burger king, Pizza Hut, next to local fast food brands. You can find fast food serving hamburgers, pizzas, Indian food, chicken, and many more. Additional rather cheap alternative to dine out is the Chinese restaurants. These restaurants can be found in all the tourist’s areas and also in the city centers. You can find there delicious Chinese and Creole food, including also alcoholic drinks at rather low prices in comparison to other restaurants. Mauritius Restaurants and hotels There are many beach restaurants, village restaurants and many modern style restaurants in the main tourist’s areas and in the city centers offering selection of specific cuisines: Italian, Chinese, French, Japanese, Mexican, Mediterranean etc, and restaurants focusing on specific food types (seafood, teak and grill, vegetarian etc). Today in the hotels and also in the tourists centers, it is possible to find a big selection of restaurants which offer an extensive range of different cuisines. : types of religious food: Food is an important part of religious observance and spiritual ritual for many faiths including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. The role of food in cultural practices and religious beliefs is complex and varies among individuals and communities. Mauritius is one of the rare countries that is made up of the different traditions and customs of those who have settled on this remote island during the last 400 years. The unique blend of European, Indian, Chinese, African and Arab culture is evident in all aspects of Mauritian life: there are fesitvals like chineese festivals where: eid-dul-fitr bryani is commonly cooked, during easter chocolate is mostly eaten. On ougadi a special chutney is prepared which consists 6 different tastes and each ingredient represent (sadness, happiness, anger, fear, disgust and surprise). The different tastes, symbolises the fact that life is a mixture of different experiences. Cavadee lemon juice is prepared. Agriculture in mauritius: The production of rum is common throughout the island. [citation needed] Sugar cane was first introduced on the island when the Dutch colonised it in 1638. Even then, the propensity of making rum out of sugar cane was strongly recognised. Sugar cane was mainly cultivated for the production of â€Å"arrack†, a precursor to rum. Only much later, after almost 60 years, the first proper sugar was produced. citation needed] However, it was during the French and English administration that sugar production was fully exploited, which considerably contributed to the economical development of the island. [citation needed]It was Pierre Charles Francois Harel who in 1850 initially proposed the concept of local distillation of rum in Mauritius. Agriculture today: The agricultural sector in Mauritius is very much dominated by sugar. Ever since The cultivation of sugar was introduced by the Dutch in the 17th century, sugar and agriculture have been the backbone of the economy. Even today, in spite of tremendous efforts in industrialising and diversifying the economy, sugar remains an essential component. Though in terms of foreign earnings, it has been overtaken by both the export of wearing apparel and tourism, in terms of plus value and employment it is of the greatest importance. The importance of sugar and other agricultural activities to the island can be gauged by the simple fact that around 45% of the island is covered with sugarcane fields and about 4% is for other diverse agricultural activities. In the 60’s there were about 25 sugar factories, by 1990 it had dropped to 19, in 1995 there were 17 left and in 2001 there were only 16 still operating. But today it has been centralised. That is there is only four sugar factories;one in the north south east and west on the island. The vegetable crops that produced in Mauritius are , maize, onion, garlic, potato, tomatoes, carrots,chiles, green leafy vegetables, egg plants. There are also herbs like thym, mint, parsely and corriander. the local fruits that are produced are pineapple, letchis, mangoes, papaya, goyavas . hese fuits and vegetable are mostly sold freshly in the market but those that are sold in the hypermarket maynot be fresh at times. Some people in mauritius prefer growing vegetables for their own consuption and this can help them to save and also assure them that the vegetables are fresh. The factors that affect the crops is mostly the weather. The fruits and vegetable can be sold at cheaper prices if they are in season. But it become rather expensive when the crops have been badly affected by acyclone or when it is off season.

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Whats a Good ACT Writing Score

For the current ACT administered in the 2017-18 academic year, the average writing score is a 7 on a 12-point scale. For the 2015-16 ACT, the average writing score was a 17 on a 36-point scale. This number is nearly four points lower than average ACT Composite scores, a fact that caused a lot of anxiety and confusion among test-takers and eventually led to ACT reintroducing the 12-point scale.   Do You Need the ACT Plus Writing? Ever since the SAT evolved to include a written component, more and more colleges changed their policies to require ACT students to take the optional Writing Test (see the list of colleges that require ACT Plus Writing). Hundreds of more colleges recommend the Writing Test, and if a selective college recommends something, you should probably do it. After all, strong writing skills are an essential part of college success. As of March 2016, the SAT no longer includes a required essay section, and were already seeing many colleges dropping the ACT writing exam as a requirement for admission. Time will tell if this trend continues. However, it is still a good idea to take the ACT Plus Wiring if 1) the colleges youre looking at recommend the test; and 2) you have solid writing skills. Theres no reason to take a recommended exam if youre likely to perform poorly on it. Unless the writing exam is required, take it only if you think it will strengthen your college application. Strong writing skills are essential to college success, so the score certainly can play a positive role in the admissions equation if you get a high score. The Current 12-Point Writing Exam (September 2016 to the Present) An average score on the current ACT Writing Exam is a little below a 7. For highly selective colleges, youll want a score of 8 or higher. Scores of 10, 11, and 12 truly stand out and highlight strong writing skills. Score Percentile 12 100 (top 1%) 11 99 (top 1%) 10 98 (top 2%) 9 93 (top 7%) 8 84 (top 16%) 7 59 (top 41%) 6 40 (bottom 40%) 5 18 (bottom 18%) 4 9 (bottom 9%) 3 2 (bottom 2%) 2 1 (bottom 1%) ACT Writing Score Percentiles Unfortunately, for the past couple of years, almost no colleges report ACT writing scores to the Department of Education, so its difficult to learn what score ranges are typical for different types of colleges. Later in this article, however, youll see data from the pre-2015 12-point ACT writing exam, and those numbers can give you a pretty accurate sense of what scores will be competitive at different schools. The 36-Point Writing Exam (September 2015 to June 2016) Beginning in September of 2015, ACT changed the Writing Exam from a 30-minute to a 40-minute exam, and the score range changed from a 12-point scale to a 36-point scale. This change in scoring has created some controversy, for many students have found that their writing scores are significantly lower than their other ACT scores. The makers of the ACT note that writing scores are typically 3 to 4 points lower than the English subscore, or the ACT Composite score (read more here on the ACT website). Score Percentile 36 100 (top 1%) 35 99 (top 1%) 34 99 (top 1%) 33 99 (top 1%) 32 99 (top 1%) 31 98 (top 2%) 30 98 (top 2%) 29 97 (top 3%) 28 95 (top 5%) 27 95 (top 5%) 26 92 (top 8%) 25 88 (top 12%) 24 86 (top 14%) 23 78 (top 22%) 22 68 (top 32%) 21 64 (top 36%) 20 58 (top 42%) 19 52 (top 48%) 18 44 (bottom 44%) 17 40 (bottom 40%) 16 34 (bottom 34%) 15 25 (bottom 25%) 14 21 (bottom 21%) 13 18 (bottom 18%) 12 15 (bottom 15%) 11 11 (bottom 11%) 10 9 (bottom 9%) 9 7 (bottom 7%) 8 3 (bottom 3%) 7 3 (bottom 3%) 6 2 (bottom 2%) 5 2 (bottom 2%) 4 1 (bottom 1%) 3 1 (bottom 1%) 2 1 (bottom 1%) 1 1 (bottom 1%) ACT Writing Score Percentiles The above data is from  this table  on the ACT website. These scores on the 36-point scale are based on four subscores in the following categories: Ideas and analysis: Do you clearly state your perspective and explain the relationship between your ideas and other perspectives?Development and support: Are you ideas convincingly backed up with examples and reasoning?Organization: Do your ideas flow clearly and logically from one to the next? Does your essay  build  an argument (rather than present disjointed points)?Language use and conventions: Is your language clear? Is the essay unburdened by problems with grammar, syntax, word choice, punctuation, and mechanics? Is the style and tone of the essay appropriate for your audience?   Each of these categories  is scored using a 12-point scale, and those scores are combined and then converted to a 36-point score.    The 12-Point, Pre-September 2015 Writing Exam Before September of 2015, the ACT Writing Exam was scored on a 12-point scale. The percentiles for the 12-point scale were as follows: 12 - top 1% of test-takers11 - top 1% of test-takers10 - top 1% of test-takers9 - top 5% of test-takers8 - top 13% of test-takers7 - top 49% of test-takers6 - bottom 39% of test-takers5 - bottom 14% of test-takers4 - bottom 9% of test-takers3 - bottom 4% of test-takers2 - bottom 2% of test-takers You can see that an average SAT Writing Test score is about a 7. If you score up in the 10, 11 or 12 range, you are among the very top test-takers in the country (the percentages above are from the ACT websites National Ranks for ACT Scores and are based on data from 2013 to 2015) To see how your writing score measures up to other applicants, the data below shows the scores for the 25th and 75th percentile of matriculated students at certain colleges. In other words, half of all enrolled students scored somewhere between the lower and upper numbers (note that this is  not  current data). Harvard University†¢ ACT Writing (25th / 75th): 8 / 10 Kent State University†¢ ACT Writing (25th / 75th): 6 / 8 MIT†¢ ACT Writing (25th / 75th): 8 / 10 Northwestern University†¢ ACT Writing (25th / 75th): 8 / 10 Ohio State University†¢ ACT Writing (25th / 75th): 7 / 8 SUNY New Paltz†¢ ACT Writing (25th / 75th): 7 / 8 Syracuse University†¢ ACT Writing (25th / 75th): 8 / 9 University of Minnesota, Twin Cities†¢ ACT Writing (25th / 75th): 7 / 8 University of South Florida†¢ ACT Writing (25th / 75th): 7 / 8 University of Texas, Austin†¢ ACT Writing (25th / 75th): 7 / 9 You can see that you dont need a perfect 12 to get into the most selective colleges in the country (or a 36 with the current grading system). In fact, a 9 or 10   (28  to 36 with the new scoring system) puts you in a strong position even at schools like Harvard and MIT. Keep in mind that your ACT Writing Test score is just a tiny part of your application. Your overall ACT composite score matters more than any individual section of the exam. A strong application also needs to include glowing letters or recommendation, a winning essay, and meaningful extracurricular involvement. Most important of all is a strong academic record.

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The Key Drivers Of Growth Behind Our Prison Population

The primary purpose of prison is to protect the community and rehabilitate the offender (Smart Justice, 2015). Research has indicated that prison fails to do this and instead can increase the rate of reoffending (Smart Justice, 2015). Prison does not address the causes of the person’s criminal offending. Imprisonment is designed to be a sentence of last resort, yet we are building more prisons at an ever increasing rate (Smart Justice, 2015). In Victoria, annually, the prison system cost more than $1 billion (Glass, 2014). It cost more than $98, 000 to house a prisoner each year (SCRGSP, 2015). It is important to discuss the key drivers of growth behind our prison population. While the crime rate has not increased, our prison population has (Kilgore, 2015). Tougher on crime policies have been a contributing factor to the increase in the prison population (Department of Justice, 2011). Abolishment of alternative sentences, including intensive corrections orders (ICO), suspended sentences and home detention orders (HDO), have been a contributing factor to the increased prison population (Kilgore, 2016). Prior to the abolishment of suspended sentences from the period 2009 to 2012, the Victorian prison population increased by 11% (Glass, 2014). The following period 2012-2014, it increased to 25% (Glass, 2014).The parole reforms recommended by Ian Callinan have seen 95% of applications being denied (Glass, 2014). Reforms to the bail legislation have seen an increase of accusedShow MoreRelatedU.S. Prison Costs Essay example1610 Words   |  7 PagesU.S. Prison Costs After reading the essay, â€Å"A Homemade Education,† an autobiography of Malcolm X, I became quite curious about how many dollars America spends toward the prison system and how it affects our society. The autobiography itself covers how Malcolm X gained a homemade education simply by reading books while serving time in prison. He claimed, â€Å"I don’t think anybody ever got more out of going to prison than I did†¦prison enabled me to study far more intensively†¦sometimes as muchRead MoreThe Federal System Of Prisons2204 Words   |  9 Pagescustody under the walls of the Federal Bureau of Prisons is fully under the jurisdiction of the BOP rather than the judicial court. This further implies the tremendous amount of trust that the state puts into the BOP. The Federal Bureau of Prisons, also known as the BOP, has been a chief and vital agency in establishing a solid administration towards the care of prison inmates. The BOP is also accredited as being an irreplaceable overseer towards prison services. Established in 1930, it has proven timeRead MoreThe Psych Of Serial Killer1735 Words   |  7 Pagesnamed Leroy who had gotten into an argument with a male friend both men ended up slashing each other to death with a barber’s razor. Two young ladies had a beef in our own neighborhood while wrestling each other on a hill one of them fell down as she rolled over the other female took a kitchen steak knife and slashed her legs right behind her knees. During the 70’s several retarded children were beaten to death with a single brick on Springfield Ave. in New Haven not too far from where we lived. ThisRead MoreEssay about The Power of the Internet and Women’s Rights in Guatemala2056 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction With the rapid growth of new digital media technologies, such as the Internet, the public has more choices and opportunities to communicate with people globally. As Bill Gates proclaimed, â€Å"the Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.† Media can determine the tremendous role its play in not only our daily lives but also its profound impact on modern society’s cognitive perception of the world. The initial proposal for this paper is to answer how the InternetRead MoreCell Phones Should Not Be Banned4313 Words   |  18 Pagesby using their cell phone due to ignorance. Standardizing a law prohibiting cell phone usage completely would help alleviate this problem. In order for change to occur, the general public must address this issue. With over 210 million licensed drivers in the United States (ProQuest, 2011), most armed with cellular devices, there is a clear need for change (Romero, 2012, p. 1). For the purpose of this essay the term cell phone, smartphone, mobile device, texting, and distracted driving are synonymousRead MoreDeterrence And Rational Choice Theory3785 Words   |  16 Pagespunishment for repeat offenders by subjecting them to the three strikes law. They believe that if the punishment is harsh that offenders will be deterred to commit crime. We will take a look at these theories, and see if they are really the answer to our crime problems in the USA. It will also allow us to ask the question which is: can theories work better individually or should we incorporate them to make a better policy? And if we do incorporate them will in a policy, will they reduce crime, deterRead MoreProject Finance Assignment2466 Words   |  10 Pagesincluding the revenue-producing contracts. Project lenders are given a lien on all of these assets, and are able to assume control of a project if the project company has difficulties complying with the loan terms. Project finance has a long history behind it. Limited recourse lending was used to finance maritime voyages in ancient Greece and Rome. Its use in infrastructure projects dates to the development of the Panama Canal, and was widespread in the US oil and gas industry during the early 20thRead MoreRetailing Characteristics of Fast Food Stores and Their Impact on Customer Sales and Satisfaction29639 Words   |  119 Pages6 trillions out of the $ 10 trillions American economy is consumer spending. About 40% of that ($ 3 trillions) is spending on discretionary products and services. Retail turnover in the EU is approximately Euros 2000 billion and the sector average growth looks to be following an upward pattern. The Asian economies (excluding Japan) are expected to grow at 6% consistently till 2005-06. Positive forces at work in retail consumer markets today include high rates of personal expenditures, low interestRead MoreAn Introduction to Business Studies9335 Words   |  38 Pages Contact Information PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version Session 1 WHAT IS A BUSINESS? PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version What is a Business? Business is such an integral part of our lives that we do not normally stop to think about it. It is hard to define for the very reason that there is so much of it around us, in all sorts of different shapes and sizes Book 1 PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactoryRead MoreEssay on Ear and Following Questions6704 Words   |  27 PagesSiberia is, or has once been, part of Russia or the Soviet Union. Much of Siberia is frozen and empty. Though Siberia contributes almost 80% of Russias land area, only a quarter of Russias population lives there, mainly huddled along the territorys southern fringe. Siberia is perhaps best known for the infamous prison labor camps known as the Gulag, where Russia (and later the Soviet Union) sent many of the nations prisoners. Because of the Gulag, the name Siberia has become international slang for

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Throughout The Awakening, water the main motif serves as a...

Throughout The Awakening, water the main motif serves as a catalyst to the metamorphosis of Edna. During the length of the story Edna goes through a process of changes that coincides with the presence of water. Water serves as a conduit for liberation and empowerment that facilitates the rebirth and even death of Edna. In this essay I will argue that the motif of water represents the continual transformations that occur within Edna throughout the story. The story opens on the Grand Isle off the coast of Louisiana, completely surrounded by water with the Gulf of Mexico to the South. Here the protagonist Edna and her family often stay for summer vacations. The Grand Isle separated by other landmasses by water represents the independence†¦show more content†¦The sea initials a cascade of transformations like waves crashing onto the shore. These changes triggered by Edna’s realization that she isn’t satisfied by her roles of a woman in her own family. Compared to Adele Ratignolle, who is the â€Å"mother-woman† in the story, fully devoted to her children and worships her husband. Mrs. Pontellier does not fulfill that role of â€Å"mother-woman†, she allows a quadroon nurse take care of her children and shows little interest in her husband’s affairs. She also does not fulfill the role of †artist† such as, Mademoiselle Reisz. Who is not married or have children but devoted her life to being a pianist. The sea is the catalyst that begins the change within Edna to discover her own identity and empowering her to fulfill selfish desires. One of the most significant metamorphosis for Edna occurs when she learns to swim on her own. This occurs immediately after Mademoiselle Reisz emotionally moves her, serenading Edna by playing a piece of music on the piano. The timing of learning to swim by herself under the moonlight is no coincidence. As the music played by Reisz had the power to emotionally move Edna so does the moon have the power to control the tides of the ocean. The constant changes in the water represent the transformations within Edna. â€Å"She turned her face seaward to gather in an impression of space and solitude, which the

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What If Rizal Was Not Exciled Free Essays

In July 1982 Jose Rizal was exiled as prisoner in Dapitan. When he arrived in Dapitan, he found it to be a sleepy little town. He thought of ways and means to make it clean, beautiful, and modern. We will write a custom essay sample on What If Rizal Was Not Exciled or any similar topic only for you Order Now With the help of his friend, father Sanchez, he made a map of Mindanao in front of the church. The map was made up of stones, earth, and grass and it serves as adornment that makes the town plaza beautiful. He and Father Sanchez, together with the citizens, had erected a lamp post in every corner of Dapitan. By stroke of luck, he won six thousand pesos from lottery ticket and he spent the amount in Dapitan. Modern agriculture implements were taken and transmitted from the United State and he taught the farmers how to use them. He bought sixteen hectares of land along the bay where he himself built a little house. He had become a farmer who himself worked hard, toiled, and happy in planting coffee and cacao and from 800 to 1,000 coconuts. (Retana, 1907) As a doctor, Rizal was aware of a wide spread of malaria due to mosquito bites. In order to get rid of malaria, he drained the swap where mosquitoes were staying. He also directed the construction of water system to have potable water for the town. (Retana, 1907) As a scientist, he collected, with the help of his pupils, different kinds of species of insects, birds, snakes, butterflies, shells, and plants which he sent, for purposes of identification, to Museum of Dresden in Europe. As payment of these species, Director A. B. Meyer sent him scientific books and journals, artificial eyes, microscopes, and surgical instruments since he did not accept money. He also discovered three rare specimens of animals that were named in his honor by European scientist, these were: Draco rizali which is a small lizard know as a flying dragon; Apogania rizali a rare kind of beetle; and the Rhacophorus rizali, a peculiar frog species. Rizal was also an inventor although he was not as inventive wizard as Thomas Edison. He invented a cigarette lighter which he called Sulpakan. The lighter used a compressed air mechanism. He sent it as a gift to his friend, Dr. Blumentritt. He also invented a wooden machine for making bricks which can produce about 6,000 bricks per day. Bantug, 1946; Craig ,1957; Kalaw 1930; Zaide, 1984) Rizal put up a school where he himself was a teacher. There were formal classes conducted from two to five o clock in the afternoon. His students, all of them were seventeen who were sons of leading citizens in Dapitan, had learned from him Arithmetic, Geometry, and two languages, English and Spanish. (Craig, 1927) It was in Dapitan whe re he treated the eyes of her mother and he succeeded because her mother’s eyes were cured temporarily. Upon request of his mother when she returned in Manila after Rizal had treated her eyes, Rizal wrote a poem entitled My Retreat. Critics had agreed that this poem was the most profound and noble he ever composed, but, it was only second to My Last Farewell. (Retana) George Taufer an American from Hong Kong proceded to Dapitan to have his eyes treated by Rizal. Mr. Taufer was accompanied by two young women, Josephine Bracken and Manuela Orlac. Rizal and Josephine met every time Mr. Taufer had scheduled for treatment. Because of their meetings, Rizal and Josephine fell in love with each other and they intended to get married. Rizal asked the Dapitan priest but the priest told him to secure permission to marry Josephine from Bishop of Cebu. However, upon learning about the marriage, Mr. Taufer attempted to cut his own throat but was prevented by Rizal by holding his two wrists. Mr. Taufer also became temporarily insane because he would loss Josephine if he married Rizal. When Mr. Taufer went back in Manila, Josephine went along with him in order to avoid tragedy. Josephine did not go to Hongkong when Mr. Taufer proceeded there. Josephine retured in Dapitan and there, Rizal and Josephine lived together like man and wife. (Russel Rodriguez, 1923) If Rizal was not exiled in Dapitan the forgoing events and circumstances could not have happened. Dapitan would still be sleepy little town because it was Rizal who had awaken it. Illnesses of malaria and diarrhea are prevalent because swamp would not have drained and there will no potable water, respectably. The implements for agriculture are not modern because Rizal could no have won 6,000 pesos in lottery ticket and therefore modern agricultural implement could not have been taken from the United States. There is nothing in Europe specifically in Museum of Dresden that a Filipino people can be proud of as of today because Rizal could not have sent more than 400 articles of scientific value. The European scientist could not have praise Rizal because he could not have discovered the three rare specimens of animals. In fact, the European scientist, as token of appreciation to Rizal, had named rare specimen the rare specimen in his honor. In effect, even in Europe Rizal is being recognize to be a science because of his discovery and collection of different specimen of animals and plants. He could not even be an inventor for having invented a lighter and a wooden machine for making bricks because if he is in Manila, he would be very active in reforming the friars through peaceful means. If Rizal did not meet Josephine in Dapitan, the retraction issue will not exist. To allow Rizal to marry Josephine, the Spaniards wanted Rizal to sign the retraction document which contain that he is denouncing all the books and articles that he had written against catholic religion; and he had regain his faith in catholic religion. However controversy arises because some believe that Rizal signs it and so he married Josephine Bracken. Others said that his signature was not genuine and he did not marry Josephine Bracken. If Rizal was incarcerated in Fort Santiago, his movement is limited to his prison cell. Instead of being a farmer, scientist, and inventor, his attention and works would be focus in La Liga Filipina by writing about the abuses of friars and the reforms he wanted to undergo in governance by Spanish officials in the Philippines. (he is very accessible to he could still be imprisoned in Fort Santiago where his movement is confined in a prison cell. He could have been easily approached and consulted by Filipinos who wanted to stage uprising against Spanish government. If he was in Manila, he could have easily noticed the mistakes and mistreatments being done by the Spaniards to the Filipinos and therefore, he could have expressed his oppositions to these mistreatments. If Rizal was not exiled in Dapitan he could not have met Josephine whom he wanted to marry. Retraction controversy on Rizal regarding whether he became a catholic again or not could not have been an issue because the main reason why Rizal wanted to return in his religion is because he wanted to marry Josephine. La Liga Filipina which he was actively involved could not be dormant. La Liga Filipina is a group which is derived from La Solidaridad and the Propaganda Movement. When Jose Rizal got exiled in Dapitan the Organization La Liga Filipina became inactive and later on split into two, the conservative had formed the Cuerpo de Compromisarios and the Radical which is led by Andres Bonifacio had formed the secret group named the Katipunan. The La Liga Filipina would have still existed if Rizal was still n Manila because he would have continued his active participation as reformist to correct and reform the misadministration being conducted by the Spanish officials as well as the misdemeanor of friars in the Philippines. ) http://joserizal. info/Biography/man_and_martyr/chapter13. htm http://joserizal. info/Biography/man_and_martyr/chapter14. htm http://www. mb. com. ph/node/236170/hero-exile-remembered http://agham. asti. dost. gov. ph/1st/rizalnat. htm http://joserizal. info/Reflections/ret raction. htm How to cite What If Rizal Was Not Exciled, Essay examples

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Social Media Marketing and Ecommerce Create Wonders

Question: Discuss about the social media marketing and E-commerce. Answer: The phenomenon that was a dream in the earlier era has turned to be the utmost reality. The entire world at one touch, is the most observable fact in that rules the lives of the individuals in todays digital world. The introduction of the advantages of the internet along with the innovations made in the field of social media, have created wonders in the lives of the people. Internet itself is now one of the integral parts of everyday life, devoid of which it is very difficult to think about leading life. The entire corporate arena across the globe is highly dependent upon the advantages offered by the internet. It is by the virtue of internet that the people residing in any part of the world can contact each other easily. The use of the E-mails through the means of internet gave way to the online social networking sites or more appropriately the social media. Social media or the social networking networking websites have become the resources that allow the individuals to remain in touch with each other and put forth each others thoughts. The intense advancement of science and technology has given birth to mobile and web based technologies that help the individuals to interact, promote, create and share videos, pictures and career related information. Thus, a highly interactive platform is being created. Social media has adapted itself to various forms, such as business networks, blogs, video sharing, social bookmarking, sharing of advertisement and other aspects through online videos, microblogs, enterprise social networks and many more. Facebook, Twitter, Watsapp, Instagram, Wechat, Linkedin and many other such applications have contributed largely in creating interactions a highly advantageous process. (Popescu, 2015). The immense use of Social media and its merits by the business organizations is highly in vogue in todays world. The concept of social media marketing is increasingly becoming common. The companies or the business organizations around the world are using social media to achieve their business interests and incorporate innovative strategies that will keep the business going. The business organizations are intensely using the benefits of social media to develop their market share and always stay connected with the stakeholders of the company. The social media or the social networking sites have enabled the authorities or the executives of the companies to converse with the customers. The consumers can easily post their reviews for the individual business organizations with respect to their products and services. Both the producers and the consumers can share their ideas. It is through these social networking sites that the companies are able to reach within no time to billion of consum ers and make them aware of their products and services (Kane et al. 2014). Zee Entertainment Enterprises is one such example of an organization that has created wonderful achievements in world of entertainment. The enterprise uses its own facbook page and Twiiter to remain connected to a large number of people simultaneously (Zhou et al. 2013). The enterprise of Zee is operating in more than 171 countries having 33 channels that aim to unite the varied set of cultures across the globe. In its facebook and Twiitter profiles, the organization has gained much popularity by being connected to a large number of viewers both in India and abroad. The viewers are able to convey their opinions about the programs shown by different channels of Zee entertainment. They can ask for repeating a particular show, if it really caught their attention and is praiseworthy. The audience or the viewers may also ask for making certain modifications in the programs presented by the channel or any specific program shown by it. This kind of connection helps in enriching the demand o f the consumers, thereby serving the business interests of the organization (Trattner Kappe, 2013). Zee entertainment is such an enterprise that has gained the attention of millions, through its ethical concerns and welfare motive. By operating in a large number of countries, it has made staunch attempts in uniting different cultures of the globe (Aithal, 2015). It considers that the entire world is a family and therefore, should live accordingly. With the help of propagating its ventures via the social networking sites of facebook and Twitter, the enterprise is able to make all the cultures know about each other and thereby generate a form of reverence towards each other. The facebook and twitter profiles of the organization also serve as the best platform, where the viewers find themselves sharing their thoughts with each other and thereby knowing the unknown and staying connected (Tuten Solomon, 2014). References: Aithal, P. S. (2015). Concept of Ideal Business Its Realization Using E-Business Model. in International Journal of Science Research, 4(3). Kane, G. C. J., Palmer, D., Phillips, A. N., Kiron, D., Buckley, N. (2014). Moving beyond marketing: Generating social business value across the enterprise. MIT Sloan Management Review, 56(1), 1. Popescu, G. H. (2015). E-commerce effects on social sustainability. Economics, Management and Financial Markets, 10(1), 80. Trattner, C., Kappe, F. (2013). Social stream marketing on Facebook: a case study. International Journal of Social and Humanistic Computing, 2(1-2), 86-103. Tuten, T. L., Solomon, M. R. (2014). Social media marketing. Sage. Zhou, L., Zhang, P., Zimmermann, H. D. (2013). Social commerce research: An integrated view. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 12(2), 61-68.

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Dorthy Day Essays - Catholic Workers, Christian Anarchists

Dorthy Day Dorothy Day It seems that to some people that they give more so society than others, but than there is one woman, who gave her life to society to help others though giving and sharing and helped people through a time of need. Yet there seems to be few there is. Dorothy Day, patron of the Catholic Worker movement, was born in Brooklyn, on New York, November 8, 1897. After surviving the San Francisco earthquake in 1906, the Day family moved into a tenement flat in Chicago's South Side. It was a big step down in the world made necessary because Dorothy's father was out of work. Day's understanding of the shame people feel when they fail in their efforts dated from this time. It was in Chicago that Day began to form positive impressions of Catholicism. Day recalled. when her father was appointed sports editor of a Chicago newspaper, the Day family moved into a comfortable house on the North Side. Here Dorothy began to read books that affected her conscience. Upton Sinclair's novel, The Jungle, inspired Day to take long walks in poor neighborhoods in Chicago's South Side. It was the start of a life-long attraction to areas many people avoid. Day won a scholarship that brought her to the University of Illinois campus at Urbana in the fall of 1914. However, she was a reluctant scholar. Her reading was chiefly in a radical social direction. She avoided campus social life and insisted on supporting herself rather than living on money from her father. Dropping out of college two years later, she moved to New York where she found a job as a reporter for The Call, the city's only socialist daily. She covered rallies and demonstrations and interviewed people ranging from butlers to labor organizers and revolutionaries. She next worked for The Masses, a magazine that opposed American involvement in the European war. In September, the Post Office rescinded the magazine's mailing permit. Federal officers seized back issues, manuscripts, subscriber lists and correspondence. Five editors were charged with sedition. In November 1917 Day went to prison for being one of forty women in front of the White House protesting women's exclusion from the electorate. Arriving at a rural workhouse, the women were roughly handled. The women responded with a hunger strike. Finally they were freed by presidential order. Returning to New York, Day felt that journalism was a meager response to a world at war. In the spring of 1918, she signed up for a nurse's training program in Brooklyn. Her conviction that the social order was unjust changed in no substantial way from her adolescence until her death. Her religious development was a slower process. As a child, she attended services at an Episcopal Church. As a young journalist in New York, she would sometimes make late night visits to St. Joseph's Catholic Church on Sixth Avenue. The Catholic climate of worship appealed to her. While she knew little about Catholic belief, Catholic spiritual discipline fascinated her. She saw the Catholic Church as the church of the immigrants, the church of the poor. In 1922, while in Chicago working as a reporter, she roomed with three young women who went to Mass every Sunday and holy day and also set aside time each day for prayer. It was clear to her that worship, adoration, thanksgiving, supplication ... were the noblest acts of which we are capable in this life. Her next job was with a newspaper in New Orleans. Living near St. Louis Cathedral, Day often attended evening Benediction services. Back in New York in 1924, Day bought a beach cottage on Staten Island using money from the sale of movie rights for a novel. She also began a four-year common-law marriage with Forster Batterham, an English botanist she had met through friends in Manhattan. Batterham was an anarchist opposed to marriage and religion. In a world of such cruelty, he found it impossible to believe in a God. By this time Day's belief in God was unshakable. It grieved her that Batterham didn't sense God's presence within the natural world. How can there be no God, she asked, when there are all these beautiful things? His irritation